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How to Play Secret Games in Facebook Messenger

How to Play Secret Games in Facebook Messenger

All of us know about the Facebook Messenger but seldom knows about the secret games in the Messenger. In the recent weeks FB offered the secret entertainment by offering the games which you can play while chatting. This is an add-on bonus for the Fb lovers.

But my point is finding the Fb games are easy? In this article you will come to know how to find the games in Messenger and also play it. After completion I assure you that you are going to be master of the games available in the FB Messenger.

Lets Talk about the awesome games in the Messenger.

Hidden Fb Football game

If you are bored with the chat of the Fb messenger then you can lift your mood by playing the secret football game. You can offer your partner for a game or two, you will find that it is amazing.

Uncovering or exposing the Euro 2016 Fb football game is of no pain but a person with a low IQ will also manage to play it. If you have got the latest version of the Messenger then it is fine. You just have to send the football emoji to your friend with whom you are chatting.

And you are done. I mean almost. You just have to click the football emoji that you’ve send hence so the football game will pop up infront of your eyes. You just have to tap the ball so that it is up from the ground and if you make 10 points then you are good to go. Later the game becomes trickier and you have to examine yourself to excel.

Hidden Facebook football game

Hidden Fb Basketball game

Now if you don’t know, what to talk more in the chat messenger then the secret basketball game is also a good one to uplift and continue your chat.

This is how you will kick start the basketball game. Just send a basketball emoji to your friend, and then click on it and the game is on.

You both can play the game and the winner with the high scorer can logged in the message feed. This game is played in the chat window itself. If you hate losing then there is a cheat video in the YouTube you can go through, you will know how to win by using a ruler only in the basketball game.

Facebook Messenger Basketball Game

Hidden Fb Chess game

There is a unique style to play chess in the messenger. You can play chess during the conversation in the chat box. You just have to type @fbchess play in the chat box. There you go.

A board will appear and your friend will start first.

Facebook Messenger Chess

How to select the piece-

K as King, Q as Queen, B as Bishop, N as Knight, R as Rook, P as Pawn

You can enter these letters if you want to move your piece further like if you want your pawn to go further by 3 moves you can just type @fbchess Pd3

For more help you type @fbchess help. This is all, if you want to play chess in the chat messenger.

From Facebook News Update

You can think a messenger as fun or competitive as you like to look at it. So if there is no reason for you to chat then you can simply play games with your partner or brother or room mate in the chat messenger. There are several other games like PacMania, EverWing, SpaceInvaders, Track and Field 100M, Galaga and other awesome instant games. Firstly this gaming experience will come in 30 countries around the world and also available in latest android and IOS version. Hence there will be a certain reason for you to connect with the people you want on the other side of the world.

How to find the other games in the chat messenger?

It is simple to start the game. If you have got the latest version of the Facebook messenger just open the chat box, and then tap on the game controller sign just below your typing message and hence choose the game you want to play with your chat friend. The good thing is that after your completion of the 1st round people in the conversation will see your score and will obviously get the opportunity to challenge back. You can also get the games in the Fb News feed and messenger search area. You can play solo as well as challenge your friend. You can also check the Facebook’s new Instant Games cross-platform gaming experience.


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