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Top 20 Free Puzzle, Shooting, Arcade, Word Games of Android

Top 20 Free Puzzle, Shooting, Arcade, Word Games of Android

If you people lack the fun in your life or want to play with your smart phone then here is a list of crazy fun games which will keep you engage. Out of hundreds and thousands of Android games, these are the ones which will really keep you addictive. From brainstorming to finger skills and strategy defined, these games are really up to the mark.



Threes! Free is a brainstorming puzzle game. It is a very addictive game where you move the cards on a board of 4 by 4, merge the pairs afterwards it gets double. You move your finger the board also move in that way. In this game you have to think 3 steps ahead otherwise your game is done and no more steps are available for you.

Download Threes! Free


Like the Threes! This game Imago is also a puzzle game where you have to merge the tiles of the same area as well as colour to form the larger ones. It might be 4 by 4 or 8 by 4 in sizing the blocks. Then again they will explode and form into a single block with the previous score. You have to smartly match and merge the squares to raise your score.

Download Imago


In Perchang you will get to have exercises for your brain. In this game you have to put the tiny ball in the goal by making some coordination. You will get the help by activating the flippers, portals, magnets anti-gravity hoops and other powerups to full fill your target. There are 24 great stages you have to finish by the clock time each level. After completion you will be awarded medals and get a chance to climb the leaderboard.  

Download Perchang


Sage Solitaire is the new version of solitaire where you have to clear the cards in your deck. You can clear the cards by making hands as like poker by making a simple Pair in hands. But offcourse, larger hands like straight will help you to gain more points. But you must be careful that hands need the cards from minimum 2 rows. At the end if you cannot make further hands then the game is over.

Download Sage Solitaire


Super Monsters ate my condo is a mental crushing game by [adult swim] games. In this game there will be coloured floored apartments, you just have to swipe away the unwanted ones and make the matches to increase your scores. All the while the monsters will come by and colour the floors of their like and you have to defend them. This game has a good speed so you must be a pro to tackle it.

Download Super Monsters Ate My Condo! here




Clash Royal is created by the Supercall who have also created the Clash of Clans. In this game you will get all the characters of Clash of clans. You will have to get the cards and just upgrade them, featuring all the characters of clash of clans. Characters include the Royals, Princess, Knights, Baby Dragons and many more. Defeat the enemies in the towers and earn trophies, crowns. This is a freemium game requires a lot of strategies.

Download Clash Royale



Alphabear is created by Spry Fox, a word puzzle game. In this game you have to spell the word by fitting the letters on the board. When side by side letters are kept bear appears. More the letters, more the bear gets and as well you will earn more points. If you score the highest you will get a personal bear as a reward. Moreover you can use these bears for powerups. They will help in increasing your time, changes the frequency of the letters appearance on the board also.

Download Alphabear



Plants vs Zombies 2 is an action-strategy packed game of the award winning developer Electronic Arts. It is the second part of the franchise where you have to grow an army of plants that seems to defend your arena. Supercharge the plants with plant food and powerups for strengthening your defense. The new plants are included like pepper pult, laser bean, bonk choy, prickly homing thistle. You have to fight against the zombies strategically.

Download Plants Vs Zombies 2 here


Words with Friends is a simple word game where you can make friends chat with them and also play. If you are the top scorer in building the words you will lead the leaderboard. You will be able to play with other competitors and also can invite them in the leaderboard to play against you. Just keep in touch with your buddies through Words with friends and chat with them in the game’s chat box.

Download Words With Friends here


Plague Inc. is created by Ndemic Creations where you can plague the whole world. You can challenge the human kind to defend your strategy from affecting the whole world. This game deals with you vs the whole world. This is one of the game where you are the villain who creates a virus to kill the human beings. Choose your destination where to start the virus and secondly develop the virus to affect the whole world. Try to keep yourself one step ahead so that the cure process does not affect your virus.

Download Plague Inc here



Galaxy on Fire 2 is created by deep Silver. It is a sci-fi game where you have to save the whole galaxy from destruction. You will play the role of Keith T Maxwell a war veteran. You have to fight against the alien raiders, space pirates, and crazy mad men. You will get a 10+ hour campaign more 30 star systems and 100 planets and stations in the space.

Download Galaxy On Fire 2 HD here


PewPew is a shooting game created by Jean-François Geyelin. You have to dodge by your left thumb and shoot by your right from your small ship. It will be stuck in the small arenas. After completion of the mission you will win the medals, lead the ladder board, and also unlock the new ships. One unique feature is that you can kill the enemies of the same color as your ship. Tons and tons of enemies are going to attack you. This game is given a retro look with great sound.

Download PewPew here


Sky Force 2014 is the spectacular shooting game by Infinite Dreams. 3D graphics design when you hit some against parties or you are hit. This game is full of destruction, you will get a chance to play the weekly tournament, and multiple boss battles are on the pipeline. You can rescue your opponents to earn extra lives and rewards. This game has got incredible graphics and background sound effects.

Download Sky Force 2014 here


Shooty Skies is also a classic shooting games where you will get cute enemies unlike other games. The unique feature of this game is that there are no prisoners, you can target the sky based gifts to get wingmen and killing the bosses requires genuine finger works. In this game you can dodge your enemies, duck them, as well goose and weave them too.

Download Shooty Skies


Hopeless: The dark cave is the scariest funny game where you will lead a clan of glowing blobs. You cannot run but only can shoot the scariest enemies approaching you. Shoot the monsters before they take away your friends. You will get the new weapons and rewards after collecting the coins. You have to play this game skillfully otherwise it would happen that you kill your friends in the middle of the game.

Download Hopeless: The Dark Cave here



Badland 2 is created by the Cheetah games. It is even more beautiful than the previous version and scrolling to different directions is available. You have to survive to different directions like the magma, liquids, flame throwers, frost, burning lights and more. To keep yourself safe you might fall to the rifts downward, fly high, race or jump.

Download Badland 2


Frisbee Forever is a fast paced game with 3d effects. In this game you can fly, swim across the Oceans, and climb the mountains. Also you can trek on the snowy tracks. It is produced by the Kiloo games. It is roller coaster ride game and you have to collect coins on your way.

Download Frisbee Forever here


Through Smash Hit you have to take a worldly journey where you have to drift yourself and destruct the glass objects coming your way. It is a geometric world of glass obstacles. You will be provided the metal balls by which you have to destruct the glasses. In the later levels you will get the camera spinning and contraptions on the glasses.

Download Smash Hit here


Zen pinball is created by the Zen Studios. This game sets a standard of the realistic ball in the physics, and a graphical view of the pinball video game, with great visuals, challenging tables, and true – life ball. If you have a cravings for the Pinball then go for this Pinball game.

Download Zen Pinball here


If you like to push buttons and shout at your friends then Speceteam is the right choice for you. Here you will be provided buttons, switches, and the gliders. A team of 2 to 8 players can play, they just have to shout at a higher frequency so that the other teams’ ship get wrecked.

Download Spaceteam here


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